A Company That Drives Revenue is Not Necessarily The Best One


I am not stupid. Don’t treat me as such.


I seldom write blogs about myself or anything personal. I am not claiming that this blog is about my personal life but it’s definitely different from my usual “menu” of movies and books (mostly YA). This is something different – how a company effectively works.


I cannot claim myself as an expert about businesses. I have never been an “actual” manager in a company but I think I’ve been with different companies with different fields and I feel that I’ve had my fair share of knowledge how a company would work effectively.


Just to give you a background, I’ve been in marketing, advertising, BPO’s (call centers) and I’ve even had my own small business – the latter did not turn out so well. I don’t regret it though. Everything is a learning experience.


I’ve come to realize that a company will work effectively not just because of its upper management but mostly because of the people who are in the entry level positions. Have you noticed that most companies have more people that are in entry level positions? That’s because ultimately, without them, a company will not work or gain revenue. The bosses are just called “bosses” because they have the power to “implement” but they do not necessarily have the ability that people in the entry level positions have. They might have honed it for some time but being at the “top” for a long time has its tendencies to make one forget. Not just the ability how it was to work from a lower position but how an entry level feels.


With my previous jobs I was somewhat given a preview of how upper management works. I felt that somehow, without me a company will not work and I felt that I was appreciated. How? Not by the rewards but I felt that I was needed. When a client needed to consult something and would call my manager, my manager would tell the client that I was managing the account and everything should pass by me before I call a meeting or give the information to the other employees within the company.


From experience I can say that clear processes make a company work as well as fair judgment and “less” politics. I said less politics because that can never be avoided and I am quite aware of it whether or not the bosses admit it.


A clear company process because you cannot give the work of another person to another. That would be enough to explain itself. A process also pertains to how things can be implemented without any errors. You cannot count from one to ten and skip numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. I hope you get my drift. Some companies definitely do not get that. On the top of my head, I can name one of the companies or “accounts” that certainly does not understand how that works. Of course, I wouldn’t. That wouldn’t be right and I’d rather not stoop to their level. Just a note though, their client does not even know what kind of process they implement. Okay, enough said – I’m getting personal.


I mentioned fair judgment because someone from a higher position needs to think not only for the people in the managerial positions but also for the benefit of those who are below him. If he only thinks for the benefit of himself or those he often “mingle” with, then wouldn’t you label that as corrupt? A company needs to have someone who has the ability to decide for the benefit of all and not just for revenue alone. A company may drive revenue but it does not necessarily mean that it’s the best one.


“Less” politics. I know that this kind of thing can never be taken off consideration. Someone who does less but nevertheless has the ability to be “seen more” will definitely be chosen over those who diligently works their ass*s off. In “tagalog”, nasa diskarte din yan. Kaso ang diskarte minsan, hindi gumagana sa kompanyang bulok!


I guess that’s all for now. I just needed to say what’s in my mind.


As for me, the reason why I keep changing jobs and constantly wants change in a company is not because I want to stop what I’m doing and because it’s getting boring (well, partly) but because I want to learn. However, I don’t think that I can stay very long with a company who cannot allow me to grow nor has all three above mentioned of how to make a company a good one. In my list at the very least.


Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan… sya yun! :p













~ by TM on July 5, 2012.

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