Macaron de Paris at ‘Tous Les Jours’

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So it’s my first time trying Macarons.
Yes, believe it or not! I’ve been on this earth for almost 30 years and I only tried a couple last Sunday. Bought around 4 pcs of them from Tous Les Jours near the grocery section at the Mall of Asia (Philippines).
I’m not really sure how it should taste like since its my first time but from what I’ve read, ofcourse it should be sweet and soft with some sort of custard filling in the middle.
I bought the strawberry flavored, vanilla, green tea, vanilla and chocolate ‘Macaron de Paris’ and indeed it was just as everything as described. Was not too sweet though and very light on the tongue. It was soft and chewy in the middle and when I held it, it was crushed underneath my fingers – I was probably just too excited to eat them.


Well, I didn’t really eat all of them. I gave the chocolate to my husband. But as for the vanilla, strawberry and greentea, I think I liked the greentea flavor best. The strawberry and vanilla flavor were sweet and had a faint taste of (ofcourse) strawberry and vanilla. But if it wasn’t colored pink or white, then I would have thought that it was something else. As for the greentea flavor, I would have never guessed otherwise. It’s greentea alright! Greentea to every bite. But if you’re not a fan of greentea, I suggest you try something else because it has a strong flavor.


Will I be back to try more from Tous Les Jours? Yes, definitely! They have a long line of pastries and very yummy looking cakes. I’ll try the Premium Macarons next time since I only tried the regular ones for my first time.  🙂

*Sorry, was not able to take enough pictures since we really needed to grab some dinner (at Sizzling Pepper Steak ♥) but will take more the next time.

If you want to check out their other great tasting pastries and cakes, go to:

Mochi (Regent brand)

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Tried this brand of Mochi balls.
Not as tasty as I thought.
Bored out of my mind.


Woori Gohyang Korean Restaurant located in Quezon City

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Almost 17 weeks into pregnancy I was finally craving food again!

About a couple of days ago everything was nauseating for me even the food I use to love. So, the first time in several weeks I wanted to really eat, I wanted something savory to refresh my palate. That’s why I thought that eating Korean food was a sure way of getting my love for food back again.

I scoured for Korean food blogs that was nearby my workplace in QC so my husband can pick me up and we can have an early dinner.

After my day and a half search, it seemed that Woori Gohyang (formerly WooriJib) in Matalino Street Kalayaan Quezon City was the perfect choice. It was like 7 minutes away from my work!

Before I got there I was warned not to expect too much of the place. It isn’t as extravagant as what I’m used to see in “Koreanovelas”. So I didn’t expect much…

When we got there I wasn’t really disappointed. I knew what to expect and as it turned out, it was better then I thought. The place was big and there was only one group dining aside from me and my husband.

At the center of the room, food was laid out buffet style. You can either eat buffet style or per order if you want to eat Samgyupsal (google it! Picture as seen above). It’s Php250/order, minimum of 2 orders and 299 per person buffet style. Believe me, it’s a lot of serving and if you don’t want to get an upset stomach after, choose wisely.
I have dined in Korean restaurants before and I definitely had better.

Now, that’s not the disappointing part. At the buffet table, several flies dined happily as well. Yes, I risked eating there and prayed hard (my husband didn’t know that I was praying and feeling guilty all the while-bad mommy!)
Eventhought flies roamed the buffet table, they served the meat separately. I think it was pork belly strips, the fatty part. But I already knew Samgyupsal would be fatty before we got there. I googled it! At the very least it looked fresh and clean. We cooked it on a griddle. I could tell though that my husband wasn’t happy about it. Infact he was disappointed. Believe me, my husband’s a big guy who loves to eat all the time an he doesn’t get disappointed with food often so this is a record holder for him. It was his first time eating authentic Korean food. As we were both hungry, we continuously cooked the meat on the griddle. I told my husband, “Now I know why Koreans are so slim. They work hard for their food. Cooking on the griddle requires skill!” I said that because it seemed that we were burning the meat but we got a hang of it after some time. And so we ate.

I thought that we were the only ones at the table. Then it was husband who first saw our tiny friend crawling behind us. Our tiny cockroach friend, who’s picture is seen below. Later on he killed it with his water bottle and I sprayed it with alcohol. We both lost our appetite. Very bad for you Woori Gohyang. We’ll never eat there ever again! – and to think, the Korean owner even dropped by while we were there!

I still love Korean food though and don’t get me wrong the serving there is quite a lot I’ll just never ever eat at Woori Gohyang ever. I promised my husband that I’ll take him to Yedang at Meralco, Ortigas in Pasig next time. It’s much cleaner there, and the food there is way better! Trust me, Yedang cost a lot more but is worth it. And the food, is way tastier!

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I write my blog on my phone now.


Mr. Kimbob at SM Megamall foodcourt

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Good food, bad service.
It was Leo’s first time eating Korean food. Even it was still fast food, he loved it – well from what I saw.

If you can remember my previous Korean resto review, then you can guess that it’s a bit hard to beat.

Mr. Kimbob’s was a palatable experience and I was impressed that I really did taste it’s authenticity of being from Korea. The serving was good enough to keep me full and it was savory. However, my first Korean food experience at “Ye-Dang” is still hard to beat. Aside from the taste, it was the prescence of mind the servers were lacking.

Leo ordered “Bibimbob” while I, the “Bulgogi”. As a noodle lover, Leo originally wanted Ramen but since the dumplings that was suppose to go with the meal was not available, he changed his mind. Aside from that, we also ordered the Korean rice cakes – sorry forgot what it was called. But guess what, they still included the Ramen even when we cancelled and they did not even provided us with a receipt – we unknowingly paid for the Ramen that we cancelled earlier but since we were about to faint with hunger, we didn’t notice. Even so, they still should have given us a receipt. Too bad, Leo loved the food but we both hated the experience. Such a disappointment…





Another Tragedy Hits

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No, it wasn’t a storm… It’s just really heavy rain and really bad plumbing.

It started 7th of August and the rain decided to stay since then. PAGASA didn’t declare it as a storm. It was just the result of a monsoon rain passing north of the Philippines on its way to China. Imagine what would have happened if it was indeed a storm. I’ll give you an idea– well it mostly affected Metro Manila. So that’s chest deep water in some parts. That’s subtle. There are certain locations wherein the flood reached the second floor of their houses. Most underpasses are non-passable (talk about ironic) which caused terrible traffic as well – as if the everyday traffic wasn’t bad enough. And a lot of people lost homes. Through it all, Filipinos still find a reason to smile, yes, even when swimming through the flood.

Thankfully, my family and most of the people I care about are safe.

In times like this, true heroes are discovered. A huge THANK YOU for the people who litterally risked their lives in saving others, those who donated, and volunteered to pack the donations, to those who offered shelter and to those who truly prayed for everyone’s safety. You are all heroes and may you receive ten folds the blessing you provided others. May you multiply.

My message to my fellow Filipinos: Tigilan napo natin ang pagtatapon kung saan saan, ang pangungurakot ng pagpapagawa ng magagandang daan at estero. Sana matuto napo tayo bumoto ng tama at hindi mga taong kumukurakot lang ng pagpapaunlad ng bayan ang pork barrel na sana ay pagpapagawa ng mga daan at magandang estero o drainage system… Karma po natin ito at dapat tayo na ay matuto dahil ang ibang tao nadadamay. Tinagalog ko napo para hindi maintindihan ng foreign readers ko ang kabalbalan natin. Batobato, tamaan ay wag na wag magagalit. Nagsasabi lang po na ang lahat ng ginagawa natin ay babalik din satin.

Through all of these adversities, I hope our smiles, laughter, care for one another will prevail. Let us continue to lend a helping hand to those in need.




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A Company That Drives Revenue is Not Necessarily The Best One

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I am not stupid. Don’t treat me as such.


I seldom write blogs about myself or anything personal. I am not claiming that this blog is about my personal life but it’s definitely different from my usual “menu” of movies and books (mostly YA). This is something different – how a company effectively works.


I cannot claim myself as an expert about businesses. I have never been an “actual” manager in a company but I think I’ve been with different companies with different fields and I feel that I’ve had my fair share of knowledge how a company would work effectively.


Just to give you a background, I’ve been in marketing, advertising, BPO’s (call centers) and I’ve even had my own small business – the latter did not turn out so well. I don’t regret it though. Everything is a learning experience.


I’ve come to realize that a company will work effectively not just because of its upper management but mostly because of the people who are in the entry level positions. Have you noticed that most companies have more people that are in entry level positions? That’s because ultimately, without them, a company will not work or gain revenue. The bosses are just called “bosses” because they have the power to “implement” but they do not necessarily have the ability that people in the entry level positions have. They might have honed it for some time but being at the “top” for a long time has its tendencies to make one forget. Not just the ability how it was to work from a lower position but how an entry level feels.


With my previous jobs I was somewhat given a preview of how upper management works. I felt that somehow, without me a company will not work and I felt that I was appreciated. How? Not by the rewards but I felt that I was needed. When a client needed to consult something and would call my manager, my manager would tell the client that I was managing the account and everything should pass by me before I call a meeting or give the information to the other employees within the company.


From experience I can say that clear processes make a company work as well as fair judgment and “less” politics. I said less politics because that can never be avoided and I am quite aware of it whether or not the bosses admit it.


A clear company process because you cannot give the work of another person to another. That would be enough to explain itself. A process also pertains to how things can be implemented without any errors. You cannot count from one to ten and skip numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. I hope you get my drift. Some companies definitely do not get that. On the top of my head, I can name one of the companies or “accounts” that certainly does not understand how that works. Of course, I wouldn’t. That wouldn’t be right and I’d rather not stoop to their level. Just a note though, their client does not even know what kind of process they implement. Okay, enough said – I’m getting personal.


I mentioned fair judgment because someone from a higher position needs to think not only for the people in the managerial positions but also for the benefit of those who are below him. If he only thinks for the benefit of himself or those he often “mingle” with, then wouldn’t you label that as corrupt? A company needs to have someone who has the ability to decide for the benefit of all and not just for revenue alone. A company may drive revenue but it does not necessarily mean that it’s the best one.


“Less” politics. I know that this kind of thing can never be taken off consideration. Someone who does less but nevertheless has the ability to be “seen more” will definitely be chosen over those who diligently works their ass*s off. In “tagalog”, nasa diskarte din yan. Kaso ang diskarte minsan, hindi gumagana sa kompanyang bulok!


I guess that’s all for now. I just needed to say what’s in my mind.


As for me, the reason why I keep changing jobs and constantly wants change in a company is not because I want to stop what I’m doing and because it’s getting boring (well, partly) but because I want to learn. However, I don’t think that I can stay very long with a company who cannot allow me to grow nor has all three above mentioned of how to make a company a good one. In my list at the very least.


Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan… sya yun! :p













I love you iPhone (Long Overdue Blog)

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Okay, so I’ve always wanted to post something about my most fave gadget right now but because I’m always busy and forget a lot of things– well you know, this post has long been overdue.
First off, I’m not really a techie person. I don’t even play games on Facebook- if that has a relevance somehow. By being just that, I even sold my Blackberry because it ate me alive. So imagine the horror when I started using an iPhone. It’s not even a 4S, it’s just a 4 and I’m still getting a hang of it even after a couple of months now.
Going back though, as I said I’m not a techie person but I loved iPhone. iOS is genious ( you know its operating system :D)
The AppStore has loads of apps that I enjoy a lot especially the photo editing apps. Well, it’s my frustration to be a creative artist. If you’ve seen my Instagram account though you can tell that I still have so much to learn.
Apart from the photo editing apps, the AppStore also have lots of social networking and blog applications such as the one I’m using for my wordpress right now- I love it!
There’s also tons of games that a non gamer like me would enjoy.
It’s not just the apps that make an iPhone one of the best smart phones, it’s also the other things that you can put on it such as housings, casings and even the earphones. There are lots of it you can choose from.
An iPhone may cost more than most gadgets but it’s definitely worth every cent 🙂
It’s more than just a smartphone or a mini computer, it’s a lifestyle.
Oh, forgot to mention- thank you again Leo for my iPhone. Instead of an engagement ring, he gave me this 🙂


The Avengers Movie

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This is a one explosive movie.

Marvel has taken years of preparation and years of building the anticipation for this movie.

It started with the “Hulk” movie and then one after the other, Nick Fury and the other Avengers cast just kept on showing up at the end of each “Marvel” movie.

First off, if you haven’t heard of “The Avengers” then I’m sure you’ve been living under a rock – Just kidding! Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, you should. If you don’t get the chance to see it on the big screen, then you’d better watch out for the DVD version.  If you’re going to wait for the DVD version though, I suggest that you watch the individual movies of each Avenger.

If you are not very familiar with Marvel’s The Avengers, basically, it’s a sci-fi movie about a group of superheroes which are members of a peacekeeping agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury, a.k.a. the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. formed The Avengers which will be the peacekeepers of the Earth but from what I’ve seen in the movie – it appears that it’s mostly just New York (or was it NY? – NOT SURE). Lol!

The Avengers consist of a group of superheroes which come from Earth and “some” particularly, “Thor” who is of another Universe. Aside from Thor, the other members are Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Hawk Eye and Black Widow who by the way, is my new favorite girl superhero. Well, she’s not the hottest but she is certainly is my favorite as of the moment.  If you want to know why, watch the movie and then ask me if you still haven’t figured it out.

The effects are superb, except one itsy bitsy part. There’s this part when New York (or was it? – again, I’m not sure, all I know is it’s the place where Stark Tower is) was under attack and Captain America was surrounded by the enemies from another planet. Iron Man lands beside him (or something like that) and shoots some off the enemies and jumps up for flight again. It looked a bit rubbery; I mean that scene, because Captain America was moving too fast and too flexible as well as Iron Man. I’m not sure how exactly to describe it but that’s just a minor thing. Everything else in the movie- I loved. I loved it because I knew about each of the characters personality and watched each “individual” movie of the heroes that were there. Although for someone who have not read or have been told who each character was and what they actually do, they would just love the effects but not the story itself. Oh hell, it’s not even about the story anymore, IT IS about the effects.

Here is some major spoiler alert – if you haven’t watched the movie and if you DON’T WANT TO GET PISSED, SKIP THIS PART:  “Phil” dies in the movie who is also known as Agent _____________ and that gives willpower to The Avengers to fight when they were just losing hope. That part got me a bit teary eyed, but don’t tell anybody! I liked Phil a lot.


For the effects I give it a 9.5, if it wasn’t for the “rubbery part”. For the actual story, I give it a 6.5 since not all folks who watch this would understand nor know each history of the members of “The Avengers”.  All I can say though is that Marvel did not disappoint and undoubtedly prepared for this one.

Oh and here are some points, if you want to know, Loki plays the “bad guy”. If you’re wondering if there will be a sequel, there is a chance since at the end, you get to see another “Marvel “character (ehm… that’s “Tanus”).

Also, my favorite part is when Iron Man died. Again, just kidding! But you got to wait for the part before Hulk says  – “Puny God”. I won’t tell you what it’s about but it was hilarious!

Lastly, watch out for Cameo appearances of other actors and “Stanley” (as usual) in the movie.

If you want to know more about the cast, director and creators of the movie, follow this link:

If you want to check out the movie straight from Wiki, use this shortcut:





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Isn’t he the cutest?!

I was searching for cute cats in “Instagram” and I found the most adorable thing/pet/cat (aside from my Kuning ofcourse!) that ever walked this earth! – the name is Snoopybabe. It’s breed according to the owner is “Exotic Shorthair” and from what I can see, is one pampered cat since it (or he) has it’s own Instagram account!

Even people who don’t like cats will surely fall inlove with one of the cutest cats that ever walked this earth!

I am now a follower of this adorable cat and I don’t let a day pass me by without looking at it’s picture. I’m totally addicted and sooo love Snoopybabe.

I love cats and had a cat that lived for more than 18 years. Sadly “she” passed away last 2009 of renal failure. I still miss her 😦 I still miss “Kuningning” and I’m trying to make due with a couple of “literally” crazy cats.

Wouldn’t mind though if I can have my very own Exotic Shorthair baby cat 🙂 ( ehem… kitten-just wanted to call it baby)

Lastly, note that I do not own the picture of Snoopybabe above but I hope that as a fan, the owner won’t mind. I truly adore Snoopybabe! Such a cutie!

If want to see more of this cutie, Google it or search for it via Instagram (Snoopybabe is the username).