Listening to BOYCE AVENUE on Valentines Day

Although I’ve heard a lot of bands who have done covers of other artists, there’s just something different for Boyce Avenue. When they “revive” a song, they make it their own. Sometimes they even turn a boring song into something “spicy” and give it a different genre.

I’ve heard them with their original songs but nothing beats it when they do a “cover”.
I couldn’t remember the first cover I heard from them but I just couldn’t get enough of their music. Boyce Avenue (music) has been my constant companion during “heartbreaks”, happy times, sleepless nights, hang outs and boring nights with Leo and I have a feeling that my soon to be husband and I will be enjoying more songs of this band (Leo’s my guitarist and soon to be hubby ) Anyhoo –
If you haven’t heard of them or haven’t listened to their music, you should. It doesn’t really matter if you’re into Jazz, Pop, R and B, Heavy Metal, Alterntive, etc., you should at least give it a try and let your ears (and sometimes eyes) feast on their music.
While writing this, I am currently listening to a cover they did to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” featuring Kina Grannis. Seriously, you cannot call yourself a music lover if you haven’t listened nor do not listen to all types of music – yes, even to those which our parents listen to.

Check their Youtube site:

~ by TM on February 13, 2012.

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