2012 Movie Review

The entire movie can fit into one concise sentence: “We are all going to die soon”.

I didn’t think that the crazy people with those posters saying “Repent! The end is near!” were right after all.

If I let the movie get into my head, I would probably be committing suicide by now but seriously, I don’t think that God will let that happen to us all over again (yes, I believe in God). It’s a new age Noah’s arc movie and believe it or not, I liked it better than New Moon. I should probably mention this again, I AM A TWILIGHT SERIES FAN and its two different movie genres anyway. Moot point.

Okay, here’s me getting back to the movie. It’s a heartwarming movie about family, friendship and self sacrifice.

The part of the movie I loved most was when the old man from the cruise ship (I forgot his name, lol) called his son in Japan. His son is married to a Japanese woman and they haven’t spoken in years. His son had no idea that they were all about to die. The guy (son) got to pick up the phone but still, it was too late, the line got disconnected. His family died including the cute little half japanese, half american girl. It shows that no matter how mad we are with a person or how far apart we are, in the end, even if we try to hide how much we care for a person, it will show. I know we all hope that it’s not too late for all of us when we come to realize it is truly the end.

Apart from that, I also liked the part where the United States and Italian presidents refused to leave “their sinking ships” in the end. It’s so sad. Honestly, I was trying to fight the tears the entire time. My niece right beside me probably noticed. Darn it!

In tragedies, a person’s true color will really show. If you are willing to give up and forget everything for your own sake or if you are willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of another, a person who you haven’t known for a long time but deserves to live. I wouldn’t know what I’d do either. Anyway, I think I’m getting aneurism from all of this. Just remember the entirety of the movie: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE…SOON! Repent! Kidding.

Anyway, I recommend this movie to everyone, except those who are suicidal. LOL. Nine out of ten stars. I loved it! General Patronage 

P.S. My nephew Ralph loved the crazy radio station guy for some reason. Weird kid. Haha.

~ by TM on November 24, 2009.

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