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If there’s a blog I normally check everyday, it’s hers. Kristina Bazan’s blog from Switzerland – and yes, I must admit I read and check her blog more than I check mine.
http://www.kayture.com usually showcases make-up, fashion, travel and yes, sometimes food. Eventhough she’s a model believe it or not, she eats- just not as much as I do 🙂
If you love all the things I mentioned above, you better check her blog (www.kayture.com). You can even google her and her search rate is way up there! She even gets a lot of free stuff that she posts on her blog-

me likey!

Oh, and did I mention that she’s just 18? An 18 year old who’s been to New York, Tokyo and Dubai among many others because of her blog. WOW! When will I get to do that?

Moving forward, I decided to feature other blogs and things I like from now on here on my blog. Not just stick to movies or books. Hey, this is my blog and I can feature anything I want 😀
Oooppss! Forgot to mention- congratulate me, this is my first blog using solely my iPhone and it’s so darn hard to type with a small keyboard interface! Argh!Kristina Bazan’s Fashion Blog

Hunger Games Movie Review

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May the odds be ever in your favor…

To those who still do not know, the Hunger Games trilogy is one of my most favorite YA (young adult) books. I think that Suzanne Collins is brilliant for having the ability to combine science fiction and a love story in a YA book.

The plot is set in “Panem”, the future North America which consist of 12 districts. Yearly, a girl and a boy from each district ages 12 to 18 participate in what they call “Hunger Games” wherein these 12 participants fight to their death and only one comes out alive. Hunger Games started when a rebellion was done by the people of Panem several years before that. The Hunger Games is done each year to remind the people of the rebellion they have done. This somewhat reminds the people that no matter what they do, they are still controlled by the government and their children which is the future of Panem can never be saved as long as they do not abide by what the government tells them. To make it even worse, the entire Hunger Games is televised 24/7 to the entirety of Panem (somewhat like the Big Brother House).

These were all ended by the 74th Hunger Games.

Katniss Everdeen is from district 12. Unlike any other girl, she knows how to hunt for food and stands as a “father figure” to her family eversince her father died in a mining accident. She uses her home made bow and arrow to hunt for food or sell them at the “black market” since hunting is not allowed by the government. At the time of the 74th Hunger Games, she was 16 years old and unlike any other teenage girl in her district, she did not fear getting her name picked out as a “tribute” to the Hunger Games. Rather, she feared that the name of her sister who just turned 12, “PrimRose Everdeen’s” name will get picked out. Her sister will surely die in that arena. Prim, is not like her. She doesn’t even know how to take care of herself yet and their mother will surely get more depressed if Prim’s name will get picked. Alongside, her bestfriend Gale, just turned 18 which means that it is his last year to have his name in the “bowl” (the bowl is where the names 12 to 18 year old girls are picked from). Incidentally, Gale has been asking Katniss to run away. To run away from everything – from the misery of being controlled by the government and from the hardship they have everyday for having “nothing”.

They never expected it, but Prim’s name was picked out as one of the tributes. Katniss, out of her love for her sister volunteered in her place which has never been done before. Although Gale, as much as he would hate seeing Katniss die in that arena could not do anything. He could only hope that Katniss’ hunting skills is enough to get her out alive.

Peeta Mellark was picked out as the male tribute. Peeta is very different from Katniss. He is the son of a baker. He doesn’t know anything about hunting or fighting. If you can consider being a good person and a talented painter enough to keep one alive, then he probably would. Then again, he, himself knew he would not survive it. Even his own mother rooted for Katniss, not him.


(Here is a link to my book review of the Hunger Games: https://akasha824.wordpress.com/2009/12/11/the-hunger-games-%e2%80%93-book-one-book-review/)

I never thought that I would, but I loved the movie. I didn’t expect much which is also why I wasn’t disappointed that much about it, I guess but I can tell you that I want to see it again. Katniss came out as a very strong person in terms of her physical and mental ability which is what I always thought of her in the first book. Jennifer Lawrence did a very good job. She dyed her hair and changed her skin color for this movie just to really look like Katniss in the book. Now, I mentioned, she came out strong which was what I always thought of her in the “first book” (Hunger Games). I said that because in the second book (Catching Fire), I felt like she relied more on Peeta because she was already developing her feelings for him and in the third book (MockingJay), she was just depressed for what everything turned out to be. She thought life would get better but everything just got worse.

Moving back, I felt that most of the roles were well played. Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth really looked the part as well. Eventhough he had very few lines in this movie, he really looked like he was the actual person from the book itself – in the book, Katniss and Gale was described as being somewhat identical. Both of them had dark hair, olive skin, gray eyes and even had the same interest. Almost like twins. Just a note to those who have not read the book though (most especially to the people who were behind me at the movie house and their never ending comments while watching. Yes, they were talking out loud while they were watching like they were the only people there), Gale is NOT Katniss “boyfriend”. Although as you can clearly see in the movie and feel in the book that they have feelings for each other, they are not together. Gale is Katniss’ bestfriend. In the book, the story of how they met and how they feel about (or atleast on Katniss part) was described thoroughly.


Haymitcha along with the other characters Seneca, Ceasar, Effie, etc. were all how I pictured them to be. Colorful and yes, weird. Oh, and Cinna, you’d be surprised – was played by Lenny Kravitz. I didn’t recognize him at first, but yes, it is him!

Although, there were two main characters that I didn’t like that much. I felt like the actors that portrayed them didn’t given “enough” justice to the role. The first one would be Donald Sutherland who played President Snow. I always thought of him as a strongwilled and “scary person”. Also, somewhat gay (note, gay as a sexual preference and not “happy” gay). In the movie Donald Sutherland made President Snow soft and a bit friendly looking. I hope in the next movies, they could do something about that. In the book President Snow looked a bit weird and whenever he’s around, the atmosphere would feel like “acrid”. In the movie he just looked like a friendly old man.

The second character would be Peeta. Josh Hutcherson’s acting actually made him look and feel like the actual Peeta from the book. But he did not look the part (the actor who played Cato did – sorry Josh Hutcherson fans…). Well, his face maybe, but the built was not. In the movie Peeta was shorter than Katniss and in the book it made it feel like he was a lot taller. Aside from being a people person and being a good baker, Peeta can also hurl sacks of flour. Now, how can he do that when he looks smaller then Katniss? I always pictured Peeta to be taller than Katniss. Not as goodlooking or as tall and “manly” as Gale in the book but at the very least TALLER THAN HIS LEADING LADY. Oh, did I forget to mention that he was strong? – Which was his “actual” advantage against the other tributes. He just didn’t know how to use his strength.

Overall though, I loved the movie. The chemistry between Katniss and Peeta would have been so much better though if he was taller then her.

Also, in the book, the wound that Peeta got infected his leg. At the end of the Hunger Games he was treated for it but they needed to amputate it for it was so infected, almost rotting because it was left untreated for so long. In the movie, they didn’t include that part. In the second and third book, his leg was already artificial but let’s see with the next movies.

Just some notes, I really don’t favor how people say that this is the next Twilight movie. Like any other girl I was obsessed with it for a while (and wanted Edward or Jacob to marry me). Unlike Twilight, the Hunger Games was focused more on Panem and the rebellion while having a love story in the middle of it all while Twilight was really just focused on the love triangle part. I guess people couldn’t help but compare because of the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle but if you read all three books (Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay), it’s more than that. It was how Katniss and his relationship with Peeta caused a rebellion for democracy, the cruelties of the government of the Capitol as well as the fight for power. I didn’t feel that they explored that more in the movie but I guess it helps that the love story part will get more people to watch the movie.

Here are some spoilers though if you plan to watch the two more movies that are supposed to follow. In the second book, Peeta and Katniss will go back to the arena and they will continue to “act out” like starcrossed lovers to survive. There will be a mention of Katniss being pregnant as well. On the last book, one of the boys, that would either be Peeta or Gale will get his heartbroken alongside a war which Katniss will fight as a soldier.

If you loved the first installment of the Hunger Games movie, I deeply suggest that you read the three books. There are a lot of parts that will help you understand it more which couldn’t be included in the movie . Let me give you an idea. The MockingJay pin – in the movie, Katniss wanted to buy that in the market which was given to her for free. She then gave the pin to Prim as a sign of protection before she was picked out and then Prim returned it to her. In the book, that pin was given to her by the mayor’s daughter because she believed in Katniss. That played a big part to Katniss’ drive to survive because in the end, she found out that the Mayor’s family, along with the girl who gave her the pin were all killed by the Capitol.

All in all, I still loved the movie, there are just some parts that I wanted to adjust as well as the actors. I just really wanted Peeta to be taller than Katniss. Oh well, that couldn’t be helped. Shallow of me, I know but that was my idea of him.

I give it an eight out of ten stars and is recommended for all ages.

Here is a link to Wikipedia for the Hunger Games: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunger_Games


Yummy Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich

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I have another lonesome night ahead of me (by that I meant being alone with no sleep – Leo is at work while I am binging on tons of junk food).

So, I dropped by at the nearest 711 and discovered my new kind of high! Hansel has a new kind of sandwich out. Well, I wouldn’t really call it new but for their brand it is. It sort of, tasted like Ritz Cheese sandwich (crackers) but less expensive.



It’s called “Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich” and even comes in a box. At first when I saw it, I immediately thought of Ritz and then Fita crackers. Then I thought what if it looks like it but the taste would be different. Was if it wasn’t yummy? Hey it’s Php30.00 for a 127 gram box at 711, what if it wasn’t worth it? Well, it was. It somewhat tasted like Ritz but not quite but for the cost, yeah I’d probably buy one again and it’s enough to get me through my junk food binging for the night – aside from the Cheetos and other junk food that I bought 🙂


While I would looove to write more about how yummy the new Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich is, sadly I cannot eat (or in my case gobble it up) while I am typing. If you want to try it out, rush to the nearest 711 or selected Supermarkets.


Lastly, if any of the management of REPUBLIC BICUIT CORP. is reading this, please send me a message or comment below to know where you can send your truckloads of Hansel sandwiches as payment for the major blog advertisement I gave you – just kidding! But it wouldn’t hurt if you can send me a box though 🙂

To Get Inked or Not to Get Inked?

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I’ve said it time and again, if you are thinking of getting some random tattoo with a dragon or an “ambigram” or a Polynesian-tribal tattoo just to look cool –don’t. It will just look stupid on you.
Okay, I’m no tattoo expert but as somebody who’s always wanted a tattoo since I was fourteen years old and have done it acouple of times, if you’re going to put something permanent on your skin, make sure that it’s for something and that you will never ever regret it – oh, and make sure it’s safe. You will never look cool if you get infected with that tattoo!

If you’re a kid and reading this, DO NOT GET A TATTOO. Now, if you’re really a kid (not just in terms of your brain capacity), I’m sure that once an adult tells you not to get a tattoo, you’ll think – “Hell, I’m gonna get that!” which is just plain stupid. I had my very first tattoo at age 26 and I asked my mom if can get one like 11 years before I had it (It wasn’t a yes or no but a hmmm) I’m sure she wouldn’t remember but at the very least I asked if I can get one.
Okay, let’s go back to the topic. If you really, really, really want to get a tattoo, sure of your design and doing it all for the right reasons, get it at a “legal age”. Now, when I mentioned legal age, that has many factors. One of the deciding factors would be if you’re not in school anymore (do not get out of school because you want to get a tattoo – again, that is stupid). I meant not while you’re in high school. Come on, there are a lot of things that will happen to you in the future which may definitely affect your life if you get a tattoo at a very young age, culture wise among many other factors. Some companies will not even accept you even if you’re the best person out there because you have a tattoo. And let’s face it, even if a tattoo for you is cool, for other’s it just looks like your defacing your skin, damaging what God has given you, blah, blah, blah while for others, it just looks like you’ve been to prison some time in your life.

If you’re going to get a tattoo, make sure that you are decided on the design and do not let anybody sway your decision of what you want it to look like. Make sure that the design means something to you and not because a “dragon” or the “face of a devil” will make you look cool (perhaps a butterfly? – Oh, no way. Unless that would of course mean something to you). I have a friend who wanted a butterfly for a tattoo and I laughed at her decision which made her get another design. Realizing what I have done, I should have let her have her way because I knew that the butterfly, eventhough for me, it’s too girly, is really for her. It means something to her. Note to my friend, you know who you are and I’m sorry. Now let’s go get that tattoo of yours covered.

Okay, now, if you’re at the right age and you’re finally sure of your design, make sure that you know where you want that tattoo placed. If your folks, religion, culture and job are okay with it, then you can put it anywhere you want. Yes, even on your neck. But please, please, not on your face! However, if just one of the above mentioned (your folks, religion, culture and job) will criticize you for it or get a heart attack (particularly your parents) once you’ve got it, choose a more discreet body part – like the lower back, upper arms, etc. You get my drift.

-Well, unless your Mike Tyson…

Also, make sure that you get an accredited, clean and safe tattoo artist. It doesn’t matter whether he’s/she’s tattooed popular celebrities or not. What matters is you research on the work done by your artist, if he/she is good or not and safe of course. Also, it would be better if you know people he/she has done work with and looks great. Personally, I want to make sure that my artist is clean – meaning I will not get infected with anything when I get a tattoo.

Lastly, before you get a tattoo, seek the opinion of fellow friends whom had a tattoo before you. There might be some additional tricks or information you may want to know before you get one. Know the dos and don’ts before, during and after your tattoo. It’s just not the ink on your skin that’s important. Make sure you know everything else there is you need to know.

I almost forgot! Yes, it will definitely hurt! But then you’re decided right?

Listening to BOYCE AVENUE on Valentines Day

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Although I’ve heard a lot of bands who have done covers of other artists, there’s just something different for Boyce Avenue. When they “revive” a song, they make it their own. Sometimes they even turn a boring song into something “spicy” and give it a different genre.

I’ve heard them with their original songs but nothing beats it when they do a “cover”.
I couldn’t remember the first cover I heard from them but I just couldn’t get enough of their music. Boyce Avenue (music) has been my constant companion during “heartbreaks”, happy times, sleepless nights, hang outs and boring nights with Leo and I have a feeling that my soon to be husband and I will be enjoying more songs of this band (Leo’s my guitarist and soon to be hubby ) Anyhoo –
If you haven’t heard of them or haven’t listened to their music, you should. It doesn’t really matter if you’re into Jazz, Pop, R and B, Heavy Metal, Alterntive, etc., you should at least give it a try and let your ears (and sometimes eyes) feast on their music.
While writing this, I am currently listening to a cover they did to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” featuring Kina Grannis. Seriously, you cannot call yourself a music lover if you haven’t listened nor do not listen to all types of music – yes, even to those which our parents listen to.

Check their Youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/user/boyceavenue?feature=watch

I Want A New Book – “A Merman’s Kiss”

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The old legend says that a merman’s kiss will make a girl pretty and bring her luck. One poor working girl is desperate enough to try it. She is warned that she must do everything exactly as she is told… but never warned about the effect it might have on the merman.

I’m looking for a new book written by Laura Lond. In any case that someone wants to give it to me as a gift, I’ll be willing to write a review about it 🙂

Actually, as long as I have time, I’m willing to write any book review for any “YA” and I repeat “YA” novel. My favorite book genre.

Here’s the link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005W9K9DM

3 Random Things On My Mind I’d Like To Share Today

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First, when people are really mad about something and they are on chat, they have the tendency to hurriedly type in the information. On the receiving end of what they type in, most of the time (not most of the time but all the time!) Their response to “Nit until I bring proffered of the enterniinak calk” would something be like “huh?”. But of course before they actually type that in, before they do, they would laugh at you.

Lesson learned, if it is chat, you can always edit what you type. Sort of like sending text. Before you send it out, make sure to proofread first.

Second, I heard two “sosyal” women in their 50’s if not, early 60’s talking within the premises of “Technohub”earlier. One of them said “His status in FB is complicated”. Then the other one commented to this but I was already too far away to hear what it was – I was walking. Nevertheless, it made me think that it’s true what my mother had always said – “Once you get old, you go back to being a child” (bumabalik sa pagkabata). I know that’s not the exact meaning of it but it surprised me that the normal topic of teens nowadays are also the topic of dicussions of, let’s say “older” women and that Facebook really does not have an age limit.

Third, I needed to update my blog. I’ve seen so many movies lately, even TV series but no time to tell you all about it. My regular job sucks out the life out of me! Not to mention it’s burning me out!

Oh! It’s actually four things – I’m starting to hate KFC. I feel like throwing up whenever I pass by one when I’m on my rest day. Ask me why when you meet me.

~you know you love me.
(just kidding, trying out Gossip Girl)

Typhoon Sendong Tragedy

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I can’t believe I let it pass without even writing about it.

If you are a follower of my blog since 2009 then you may already know that I wrote a blog about a Typhoon last 2009-2010 (Ondoy). Now, another tragedy has struck a part of the Philippines and not to mention that it’s something greater considering the number of lives it took.

The name of the Typhoon is Sendong and it hit the Mindanao area of the Philippines last December 2011, a few days before Christmas. While I was cozied up at work (if there is such a term as “cozy while at work), the Typhoon hit parts of Cagayan de Oro and Surigao (along with other parts of Mindanao and Visayas) but as from what I can see from the news since Luzon (from where I am was mostly not affected), Cagayan de Oro or what most Filipinos call “CDO” received the blow. Over 1,000 lives were lost. Some bodies found, some, up to this date are still being searched for.

A few days after the typhoon, the “smell of death” enveloped Cagayan. Literally. The reporters on TV said that the stench of the bodies were so revolting and heart breaking at the same time.

I could not forget that one time when I was watching the early morning news when a rescuer found a baby, only a couple months old. It’s lifeless body hung as it was covered with mud due to the landslides the typhoon caused. I couldn’t help to think that not only that child lost its life but many others as well, with families, with loved ones, regardless of the age. Another rescuer cried as she bathed the dead baby. Can’t believe I just said that. I saw that in the news day before Christmas.

Up to this day Cagayan and other affected areas by Typhoon Sendong still need our help. I don’t know if I should say this but I never heard Oprah helping the Philippines. Have you? She helps Africa and families in the US when these types of tragedies hit the countries where she calls “home” but what about other third world countries that are not of her race?

Enough about her. Bottomline is, CDO needs help. If we can’t go there to volunteer and help or donate in kind or in cash, at the very least, let’s pray for them. If you are reading this blog and you do not believe there is a God, please make an exemption at least this one time. Let’s pray for the people affected by this great calamity. While you are comfortable in your own living room or workspace, reading this, think of Cagayan de Oro.

If you would like to know how to send donations to the victims of Typhoon Sendong, please follow this link: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=760098&publicationSubCategoryId=200

Another year, another post

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I haven’t been able to post anything for the past few months. I’ve been sooo busy with my real job that I haven’t had any time for some fun and most especially for some blogs.

I hope this year I get to blog more post about movies and books. Oh, and restaurants! I soooo loooove eating! I just wish that I‘d have more time. Believe it or not, I live 3 hours from my job and I spend most of the day commuting to work. In the Philippines that’s a normal thing but in most countries, THAT IS A NIGHTMARE! Tried to move to a place closer to where I work but it’s true that there’s no place like home. I feel more comfortable living with my sister (and my parents place is just 10 to 15 minutes away on foot). And yes, it’s normal in the Philippines if you live with a family member. Plus, I get laundry and breakfast for free! He he he. (My sister has a laundry lady and “Tiya Inda” cooks breakfast for us =D)

Anyway, enough about my life. Let’s talk about more about the blogs I’ll be writing this year. There’ll be a lot of movies coming up. There’s Sherlock Holmes 2, Underworld 4 and the much awaited (I think I’m the only one waiting for it… drumroll please!) Hunger Games! – Although my excitement shrunk when I discovered who will be playing Peeta, my favorite-favorite character IN THE BOOK. Sorry Josh Hutcherson fans, I’m really not into the “boy”. I watched him when he was a child in the movie Bridge to Terabithia and it doesn’t really appeal to me. I was already in my 20’s at that time. I guess it’s the age huh? But I still have my hopes up. Perhaps he can do justice for the role of Peeta?

Moving forward, I hope I get to have blogs about restaurants and food this year! I mean who doesn’t love food? I for one has gained a lot of weight eversince my company allowed to bring in food at the office (long story) and played movies while working all day long. I only hope that I’d have more time for the movie reviews since I’ve watched so many since we started playing movies at the office. Right now I only had time to write because I’m on vacation leave for surgery. If only (I gotta stop talking about myself! This is not a diary!)

Oh well, bottomline is I wish to have more blogs and time for myself this year. Get me a new job? Or probably a new (lighter) laptop that I can carry anywhere! Donations anyone? I can write a review for that too! Hey, I have a “technical side” too! 😛

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han Book Review

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Belly had been spending all her summer vacations at the summer house in Cousin’s beach for as long as she can remember. Even though the place always felt like home away from home, she always felt like an “outsider”. It was her mom’s best friend’s summer home, Susannah. Her mom had Susannah, her brother Steve had Susannah’s sons, Conrad and Jeremiah while she had no one. This is also the reason why she always felt like she always had to squeeze in herself amongst the people around her. She tried to fit in by always proving herself worthy.

But the summer for her 16th birthday was different. She just got her braces taken off and got new contacts. She could tell that she was turning out to be a pretty young woman by how Susannah’s boys looked at her or so she thought…

Then along came Cam, whom had seen her from her “non pretty” days and still claimed that she was beautiful and he just couldn’t take his eyes off of her. If only, she could feel the same way for him. As much as she wanted that, she couldn’t for she has always been in love with Conrad, the brooding, serious and handsome older brother of Jeremiah, Susannah’s eldest son.

The summer Belly turned pretty will be a summer of new discoveries about herself and the people she loves. It’s the summer when everything changes and it may be the last she’ll spend at Cousin’s beach with all the people she cares about.


At first I hated how Belly was. She was so naive about things, she couldn’t make up her mind and I felt that she played Cam but then I realized, she was 16. Raging hormones! Lol! I was that age once and I was somewhat like her too. I couldn’t make up my mind, not only about boys but a lot of things! And like her, I made most things “dramatic”. Things that I shouldn’t worry about, worried me too. But hey, nuff ’bout me!

I thought that I wouldn’t like the book but I did. Although I wouldn’t say that I would look for a kindle download of it or look for it from a bookstore or anything (my niece lent it to me). Probably because the genre was too young for me.

I liked her style of writing which is “first person”. Although not very many of how Belly felt were described. It left me trying to grasp how it felt like. I just based it from how I was when I was younger which I guess is a good thing and a bad thing. It leaves something to the imagination, something you can create with your own mind yet leaves you unsure if that was really how it was for Belly.

I’m glad though that it’s a trilogy which means that I will get to read about Belly as she grows older.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I love, love, love the setting simply because it’s on a beach. Kudos to Jenny Han, I love the beach!

My favorite part of the book was when Jeremiah left Conrad and Belly in the car. Conrad was drunk at the back and Belly was in the passenger seat next to the driver where Jeremiah would sit. Conrad said Belly’s name and then touched her hair. He sighed and then… Jeremiah came back.

An excerpt from the book:

I say, “I can’t believe that you are really here.”

He sounds almost shy when he says it, “Me neither.”

And then he hesitates, “Are you still coming with me?”

I can’t believe he even has to ask. I would go anywhere. “Yes.” I tell him.


I give it a 6 out of 10 stars. From ages 13 up to whoever still wants to read it 🙂