Macaron de Paris at ‘Tous Les Jours’


So it’s my first time trying Macarons.
Yes, believe it or not! I’ve been on this earth for almost 30 years and I only tried a couple last Sunday. Bought around 4 pcs of them from Tous Les Jours near the grocery section at the Mall of Asia (Philippines).
I’m not really sure how it should taste like since its my first time but from what I’ve read, ofcourse it should be sweet and soft with some sort of custard filling in the middle.
I bought the strawberry flavored, vanilla, green tea, vanilla and chocolate ‘Macaron de Paris’ and indeed it was just as everything as described. Was not too sweet though and very light on the tongue. It was soft and chewy in the middle and when I held it, it was crushed underneath my fingers – I was probably just too excited to eat them.


Well, I didn’t really eat all of them. I gave the chocolate to my husband. But as for the vanilla, strawberry and greentea, I think I liked the greentea flavor best. The strawberry and vanilla flavor were sweet and had a faint taste of (ofcourse) strawberry and vanilla. But if it wasn’t colored pink or white, then I would have thought that it was something else. As for the greentea flavor, I would have never guessed otherwise. It’s greentea alright! Greentea to every bite. But if you’re not a fan of greentea, I suggest you try something else because it has a strong flavor.


Will I be back to try more from Tous Les Jours? Yes, definitely! They have a long line of pastries and very yummy looking cakes. I’ll try the Premium Macarons next time since I only tried the regular ones for my first time.  🙂

*Sorry, was not able to take enough pictures since we really needed to grab some dinner (at Sizzling Pepper Steak ♥) but will take more the next time.

If you want to check out their other great tasting pastries and cakes, go to:

~ by TM on September 9, 2013.

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