Mr. Kimbob at SM Megamall foodcourt


Good food, bad service.
It was Leo’s first time eating Korean food. Even it was still fast food, he loved it – well from what I saw.

If you can remember my previous Korean resto review, then you can guess that it’s a bit hard to beat.

Mr. Kimbob’s was a palatable experience and I was impressed that I really did taste it’s authenticity of being from Korea. The serving was good enough to keep me full and it was savory. However, my first Korean food experience at “Ye-Dang” is still hard to beat. Aside from the taste, it was the prescence of mind the servers were lacking.

Leo ordered “Bibimbob” while I, the “Bulgogi”. As a noodle lover, Leo originally wanted Ramen but since the dumplings that was suppose to go with the meal was not available, he changed his mind. Aside from that, we also ordered the Korean rice cakes – sorry forgot what it was called. But guess what, they still included the Ramen even when we cancelled and they did not even provided us with a receipt – we unknowingly paid for the Ramen that we cancelled earlier but since we were about to faint with hunger, we didn’t notice. Even so, they still should have given us a receipt. Too bad, Leo loved the food but we both hated the experience. Such a disappointment…





~ by TM on December 1, 2012.

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