Another Tragedy Hits



No, it wasn’t a storm… It’s just really heavy rain and really bad plumbing.

It started 7th of August and the rain decided to stay since then. PAGASA didn’t declare it as a storm. It was just the result of a monsoon rain passing north of the Philippines on its way to China. Imagine what would have happened if it was indeed a storm. I’ll give you an idea– well it mostly affected Metro Manila. So that’s chest deep water in some parts. That’s subtle. There are certain locations wherein the flood reached the second floor of their houses. Most underpasses are non-passable (talk about ironic) which caused terrible traffic as well – as if the everyday traffic wasn’t bad enough. And a lot of people lost homes. Through it all, Filipinos still find a reason to smile, yes, even when swimming through the flood.

Thankfully, my family and most of the people I care about are safe.

In times like this, true heroes are discovered. A huge THANK YOU for the people who litterally risked their lives in saving others, those who donated, and volunteered to pack the donations, to those who offered shelter and to those who truly prayed for everyone’s safety. You are all heroes and may you receive ten folds the blessing you provided others. May you multiply.

My message to my fellow Filipinos: Tigilan napo natin ang pagtatapon kung saan saan, ang pangungurakot ng pagpapagawa ng magagandang daan at estero. Sana matuto napo tayo bumoto ng tama at hindi mga taong kumukurakot lang ng pagpapaunlad ng bayan ang pork barrel na sana ay pagpapagawa ng mga daan at magandang estero o drainage system… Karma po natin ito at dapat tayo na ay matuto dahil ang ibang tao nadadamay. Tinagalog ko napo para hindi maintindihan ng foreign readers ko ang kabalbalan natin. Batobato, tamaan ay wag na wag magagalit. Nagsasabi lang po na ang lahat ng ginagawa natin ay babalik din satin.

Through all of these adversities, I hope our smiles, laughter, care for one another will prevail. Let us continue to lend a helping hand to those in need.



~ by TM on August 9, 2012.

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