I love you iPhone (Long Overdue Blog)


Okay, so I’ve always wanted to post something about my most fave gadget right now but because I’m always busy and forget a lot of things– well you know, this post has long been overdue.
First off, I’m not really a techie person. I don’t even play games on Facebook- if that has a relevance somehow. By being just that, I even sold my Blackberry because it ate me alive. So imagine the horror when I started using an iPhone. It’s not even a 4S, it’s just a 4 and I’m still getting a hang of it even after a couple of months now.
Going back though, as I said I’m not a techie person but I loved iPhone. iOS is genious ( you know its operating system :D)
The AppStore has loads of apps that I enjoy a lot especially the photo editing apps. Well, it’s my frustration to be a creative artist. If you’ve seen my Instagram account though you can tell that I still have so much to learn.
Apart from the photo editing apps, the AppStore also have lots of social networking and blog applications such as the one I’m using for my wordpress right now- I love it!
There’s also tons of games that a non gamer like me would enjoy.
It’s not just the apps that make an iPhone one of the best smart phones, it’s also the other things that you can put on it such as housings, casings and even the earphones. There are lots of it you can choose from.
An iPhone may cost more than most gadgets but it’s definitely worth every cent 🙂
It’s more than just a smartphone or a mini computer, it’s a lifestyle.
Oh, forgot to mention- thank you again Leo for my iPhone. Instead of an engagement ring, he gave me this 🙂


~ by TM on May 27, 2012.

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