Isn’t he the cutest?!

I was searching for cute cats in “Instagram” and I found the most adorable thing/pet/cat (aside from my Kuning ofcourse!) that ever walked this earth! – the name is Snoopybabe. It’s breed according to the owner is “Exotic Shorthair” and from what I can see, is one pampered cat since it (or he) has it’s own Instagram account!

Even people who don’t like cats will surely fall inlove with one of the cutest cats that ever walked this earth!

I am now a follower of this adorable cat and I don’t let a day pass me by without looking at it’s picture. I’m totally addicted and sooo love Snoopybabe.

I love cats and had a cat that lived for more than 18 years. Sadly “she” passed away last 2009 of renal failure. I still miss her 😦 I still miss “Kuningning” and I’m trying to make due with a couple of “literally” crazy cats.

Wouldn’t mind though if I can have my very own Exotic Shorthair baby cat 🙂 ( ehem… kitten-just wanted to call it baby)

Lastly, note that I do not own the picture of Snoopybabe above but I hope that as a fan, the owner won’t mind. I truly adore Snoopybabe! Such a cutie!

If want to see more of this cutie, Google it or search for it via Instagram (Snoopybabe is the username).




~ by TM on April 27, 2012.

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