Yummy Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich


I have another lonesome night ahead of me (by that I meant being alone with no sleep – Leo is at work while I am binging on tons of junk food).

So, I dropped by at the nearest 711 and discovered my new kind of high! Hansel has a new kind of sandwich out. Well, I wouldn’t really call it new but for their brand it is. It sort of, tasted like Ritz Cheese sandwich (crackers) but less expensive.



It’s called “Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich” and even comes in a box. At first when I saw it, I immediately thought of Ritz and then Fita crackers. Then I thought what if it looks like it but the taste would be different. Was if it wasn’t yummy? Hey it’s Php30.00 for a 127 gram box at 711, what if it wasn’t worth it? Well, it was. It somewhat tasted like Ritz but not quite but for the cost, yeah I’d probably buy one again and it’s enough to get me through my junk food binging for the night – aside from the Cheetos and other junk food that I bought 🙂


While I would looove to write more about how yummy the new Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich is, sadly I cannot eat (or in my case gobble it up) while I am typing. If you want to try it out, rush to the nearest 711 or selected Supermarkets.


Lastly, if any of the management of REPUBLIC BICUIT CORP. is reading this, please send me a message or comment below to know where you can send your truckloads of Hansel sandwiches as payment for the major blog advertisement I gave you – just kidding! But it wouldn’t hurt if you can send me a box though 🙂

~ by TM on March 19, 2012.

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