3 Random Things On My Mind I’d Like To Share Today

First, when people are really mad about something and they are on chat, they have the tendency to hurriedly type in the information. On the receiving end of what they type in, most of the time (not most of the time but all the time!) Their response to “Nit until I bring proffered of the enterniinak calk” would something be like “huh?”. But of course before they actually type that in, before they do, they would laugh at you.

Lesson learned, if it is chat, you can always edit what you type. Sort of like sending text. Before you send it out, make sure to proofread first.

Second, I heard two “sosyal” women in their 50’s if not, early 60’s talking within the premises of “Technohub”earlier. One of them said “His status in FB is complicated”. Then the other one commented to this but I was already too far away to hear what it was – I was walking. Nevertheless, it made me think that it’s true what my mother had always said – “Once you get old, you go back to being a child” (bumabalik sa pagkabata). I know that’s not the exact meaning of it but it surprised me that the normal topic of teens nowadays are also the topic of dicussions of, let’s say “older” women and that Facebook really does not have an age limit.

Third, I needed to update my blog. I’ve seen so many movies lately, even TV series but no time to tell you all about it. My regular job sucks out the life out of me! Not to mention it’s burning me out!

Oh! It’s actually four things – I’m starting to hate KFC. I feel like throwing up whenever I pass by one when I’m on my rest day. Ask me why when you meet me.

~you know you love me.
(just kidding, trying out Gossip Girl)

~ by TM on February 1, 2012.

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