A Ye Dang Korean Experience

Annyong haseyo!

picture from hip.hooray.com

My friend from work Sheila, loved Korean food and I told her I’ve never had any. Besides from the fact that my chopstick skills are embarrassing and useless, nobody really offered to go on a Korean “food trip” with me.

Lol! It was my first time eating Korean food last night and for me, it was another slightly different but otherwise tasty experience.

The place was at Ye Dang Korean BBQ Restaurant in Metrowalk (along Meralco Ave.), Ortigas, Pasig (Philippines). The food was authentic. As proof, the actual owner greeted us and reserved a table for us.

It was my first time eating Bulgogi, Kimchi, Korean Beef bony soup, Tteok-bok-I (I think), sweet new potatoes, spicy bamboo shoots and sweet anchovies were only a few of what I tasted. Although most of the food is eaten with an acquired taste, I loved most of it (and I say MOST but not all) and I didn’t realize that I have an adventurous taste bud until then. It was a lot different from what I eat most of the time (namely KFC, not because I like it but there weren’t many food options for lunch where I work).

I loved Bulgogi though. It was cooked in front of us. At the center of the table, there was this “thingy ma-bob” sort of thing wherein they put the small stove over it and a vent-looking like thing was on top o our table (actually, on top of all the tables). Then on top of the stove, a pan was attached to it. Our server poured over the meat with the noodles and some leafy things on the pan and cooked the meat in front of us. The beef was soft, tender and sweet. Sheila then taught me and our friends how to eat it properly, we wrapped the beef with some of the Korean sauce (that I don’t know the name of) and some fresh garlic. Then Yum-yum-yum! It was real good. Although the fresh garlic was a bit strong for me at first, I reached for another and then more. Then they had me taste the Kimchi. My chopsticks did that “flim-flam” crossing each other thing again which was very embarrassing at a Korean restaurant (or any other place) like they were resisting to reach for the Kimchi. I realized why the minute I put the Kimchi in my mouth. I didn’t even chew it at first contemplating if I should spit it out or just swallow it. Then I reached for another and then a third. It’s not something that I didn’t like actually but I don’t think that it’s the type that I will crave for either. But I think that I’ll definitely eat it again with some of that Bulgogi and I’d definitely go back to Yedang.

As for next time, I hope I won’t forget to set a table reservation ahead of time and bring enough cologne and perfume – because when we left the restaurant we smelt like Kimchi. Hahaha!

Annyong haseyo! ‘Til next time!

~ by TM on July 31, 2011.

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