Who reads my blog?

Gosh! I just checked the locations from where people “check in” and read my blog from. Guess what? -They’re from all over the world! For a girl like me, that’s already huge!

There’s this person from Spain, from Canada, the US (I think), Malaysia, etc. I am so flattered and thankful that even if my boyfriend or family doesn’t regularly read my blog, at the very least other people do. So from this girl (*hint*hint-me) from the Philippines – “MUCH LOVE” to all of you and thank you so much for taking time reading my blog 😉

I just wanna repeat that – Love, from the Philippines!

~ by TM on July 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Who reads my blog?”

  1. How do I find out location of people who read my blog. My stat counter says over 4,000 people have read my blog.

    • Hi Pat! Sorry, didn’t see your comment at first. From Dashboard, you can look at Site Stats to see how many people look at your blog everyday, then from what pages they saw your site. Then you can check the IP’s of the people who send you comments or messages. Just google “IP locator” 😉

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