Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part II

As the movie started I told myself, “This is going to be an experience”.

Yep, I can’t say that I was wrong but can’t say that I was right either. Oh well…

This is the second installment to the last Harry Potter movie. I haven’t read the book because it wasn’t my “cup of tea” and it was too thick for me but if has the same material as the movie then I doubt that I’d be truly impressed by it – just a bit.

Well, I wouldn’t say that it was a bad movie, it just needed more kick. You know, like something was missing. I mean the effects, prosthetics and the plot were amazing but I needed something more.

It started where it let off with the first part of the movie when Harry buried Dobbie. Remember the last part wherein he caught the knife before they teleported to the safehouse? That’s the one…

Moving forward, this last Harry Potter movie recognized the characters in the other movies which were not paid attention to. Such as “Neville Longbottom”. He always appeared like a cowardly boy but in this movie, he really stood up to his potential! He was a hero – or something like that. If it wasn’t for him 2 really important characters may have died.

Along with Longbottom, there are other characters in the movie that may surprise you. Professor Snape is one of them. To know what it is, you’ll have to see his “memories” in the movie. It will explain a lot of key points ever since the Harry Potter series began. A while ago, I was just watching the “Sorcerer’s Stone” on DVD and it made me realize why he was like that.

There were a lot of characters that most Harry Potter moviegoers have grown fond of which will die too. It is a war between good and evil and some needed to sacrifice their lives. I’ll give you a clue: I was a bit teary eyed when Ron bawled (yes bawled) because someone he loved died. Oh right, Ron always did cry – in every Harry Potter movie. It’s just a matter of for what and for whom he cries for. But all in all, I felt like he shed his cowardly skin off to protect the people he loved.

Today has been a long day, I want to tell you more but I just couldn’t put it to words. I guess I’ll just give you a spoiler – Yes, Harry Potter died, and he’ll even get to see Dumbledore again and that freaky other side of Voldemort. But… it wasn’t such a bad ending. I just felt that it needed “something” more.

I’ll give it seven out of ten stars. Recommended for kids of all ages.

~ by TM on July 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part II”

  1. You must read the book. It is thick but so worth the read. It includes so much more than film and I even found myself crying at parts.

    • Thanks for the comment “princesayasmine’. Yep, thinking about reading it so I can understand the story better 🙂

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