Catching Fire – 2nd book from the Hunger Games Trilogy book review

“A reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol…”

Like the first installment of the series, once again, Miss Suzanne Collins does not disappoint!

If you haven’t read my review for book one, you should. Here’s the link:

I couldn’t wait to turn each page of the book but I also had the need to read it word for word. It kept me hanging on to every scene.

In this book, Katniss and Peeta’s love story continues as the first ever to win the Hunger Games as a duo. But the gamemakers (The Hunger Games committee) only let them because they did a radical thing that would leave the games with no victor so they had no choice but to declare two winners (to know what they did, read the book!)

I can’t help but think that it is a very timely read for people who live in my home country (Philippines) because of what is happening in the government. If you want to know why, again, read the book (how many times have I promoted it? I think I should be getting advertisement fees by now 🙂 lol!)

As I’ve said, in the second installment of the book, it tells the story of how the lives of our hunger games winners continue. As victors of the game, they are given new homes and wealth so they would never starve to death for as long as they live. But the thing is that, because of the feat they did to win the games, Katniss appeared to be rebelling against the government which is intolerable whereas Peeta’s feat only appeared to be out of true love.

They had to act out as lovers in front of the cameras for all Panem to see because even the president is threatening that if they were to be found out that it was just all a performance, he would have Katniss, her entire family and Gale, her best friend and real life love interest tortured and killed. – Yes, it’s not really Peeta she’s interested with, it’s the much “handsomer” and in my opinion, much stronger and very angst ridden Gale *sigh.

Poor, poor Peeta (somehow I am reminded of Jacob from New Moon, I wonder why. Anyway…) because his performance wasn’t an act at all for he truly loves Katniss. In the beginning up to “some” of the middle part of the story, he carried a broken heart because he knew that Katniss was really in love with Gale.

Despite of Katniss being inlove with her bestfriend Gale, she agrees to marry Peeta so that the lives of the people she loves will be spared. Knowing the truth under her agreement, Peeta’s heart breaks even more. So why the marriage proposal in the midst of it all? – The president of Panem gave Katniss a visit and personally threatened her to kill everyone whom she cared for if she could not pull off the act with Peeta. Because what they did in the previous Hunger Games made a chain reaction of rebellion among the districts of Panem.

As if suffering from the prior hunger games, all the trauma it caused and being threatened by the president wasn’t enough, Peeta and Katniss are thrown back into the Hunger games. This time, they made sure only one victor remains. For sure, Peeta would never harm Katniss or bear for her to get hurt. Although, this time, Katniss is determined to let Peeta live even if it meant her death. She owes him that much.

A couple of nights before the Hunger games, they go into an interview for all Panem to see where the President forced the two to wear their wedding costumes. But something out of the blue happened – to know what it is, read the book! Here is what happened after that “out of the blue” thing: Peeta announced in his interview that he and Katniss have already been secretly married with a baby on the way. Whoa! But how can they survive in the games? How can Katniss play if she’s pregnant? That goes on to say that, that is one of my favorite parts of the book, aside from the one nearing the end.

Here it is the other one (another favorite part of the book):

“Katniss!” I hear his voice though he’s a far distance away. But what is he doing? Peeta must have figured out that everyone is hunting us by now.
I can’t protect him. I can’t move fast or far and my shooting abilities are questionable at best. I do the one thing I can to draw the attackers away from him and over to me.
“Peeta!” I scream out. “Peeta! I’m here! Peeta!” Yes, I will draw them in, any in my vicinity, away from Peeta and over to me and the lightning tree that will soon be a weapon in and of itself. “I’m here! I’m here!” He won’t make it. Not with that leg in the night. He will never make it in time.
It’s working. I can hear them coming. Two of them. Crashing through the jungle. My knees start to give out and I sink down next to Beetee, resting my weight on my heels. My bow and arrow lift into position. If I can take them out, will Peeta survive the rest?
Enobaria and Finnick reach the lightning tree. They can’t see me, sitting above them on the slope, my skin camouflaged in ointment. I home in on Enobaria’s neck. With any luck, when I kill her, Finnick will duck behind the tree for cover just as the lightning bolt strikes. And it will be any second. There’s only a faint insect click here and there. I can kill them now. I can kill them both.
Another cannon.
“Katniss!” Peeta’s voice howls for me. But this time I don’t answer.

Did Katniss die? Was she able to protect Peeta to the very end? Here I am again – read the book.

Although I must say, I was a bit disappointed with the ending that comes after one of the favorite parts that I just typed above for the sole reason that I still can’t get a hold of the third book because it’ll be out by August 2010! Darn it! That’s what you call “bitin”!

Another eight out of ten stars for Catching Fire. Recommended for ages thirteen and up.

I really hope Miss Collins finishes the third book sooner than August. I won’t be able to sleep ‘til then.

~ by TM on December 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Catching Fire – 2nd book from the Hunger Games Trilogy book review”

  1. I know haha.
    But Katniss does love Peeta.
    She loves Gale too,
    but she’s uncertain about her love for both of them.
    The ending was so cliff hanger-ish-y
    So anyways, it is indeed released in August.
    And I must rain on your parade.
    Shall be released on August 24, 2010.
    but you can get the arcs! Or go to the book signing.
    If there is one.

    • yeah that’s the word i was looking for : “cliff hanger-ish-y”!
      one problem though – the book signing thing is out of the question (since Suzanne Collins is halfway around the world from me) so i must (try to) endure waiting for months.
      anyway, thanks for your comment Gubu 🙂

  2. Hey, this is Kevin from Corduroy…Darren showed me your blog, it’s pretty sweet! Thanks for listening to us! Allo the best and merry christmas!

    • Thanks Kevin. Yeah, posted this link on facebook. Merry christmas to you too. please send my thanks to Darren also:)
      Btw, i’m a big fan of your music:)

  3. I cant wait for august, cos the 3rd and final episode is coming and it is also my birthday!
    Iphone 4G might be also out…

  4. omg! i am currently reading catching fire and i cant wait to know if peeta dies aaakk i just cant seem to wait any longer. i wanna know na. XD
    nakakaadik talaga toh. >.<
    and because of this review, i got curious enough and plan to finish this book this night .

  5. @ fan and Nowrin.: Thanks for your comments. I’m glad I was able to influence you in some way. If you like me to post more reviews on your favorite books, you can send it as a comment on any of my posts here 🙂
    BTW, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is out. I’ll find time to read it. Kakaadik talaga! Love it!

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