NEW MOON Movie Review

Time Passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me. – New Moon. I loved that intro in the fouth chapter of the book.

For starters, it’s better than the first movie (Twilight) because of the effects, lighting and cinematography. Although I am a big fan of the Twilight series, I couldn’t say that it was the best movie ever. It’s good though but not exceptional.

It was better patterned after the book and I applaud the director Chris Weitz for fitting a five hundred plus page book into a two hour (+ a couple more minutes) movie.

In the book, Jacob and some guys from his Quileute tribe transformed into wolves but I didn’t think they’d literally look like wolves. In the movie though, the director made it known that it was exactly what he thought of (different shades of huge wolves). All I can say is, I liked the CGI but not exactly what I perceived them to be. They didn’t look as vicious as I thought.

I also noticed something and I believe a lot of fans will hate me for this, including my teenage niece: Kristen Stewart should take some acting classes. I mean, in the book, Bella’s supposed to be a softie pretending she’s a toughie but still, the frail girl inside her shows. In the movie, it was the opposite. It probably has something to do with her not reading the book. In any job, a person should learn his/her craft to be called as someone who is extraordinarily brilliant (that’s redundant, I know). I guess she’d still take home dozens of awards because some people would refuse to notice that beyond the fame of New Moon that her acting lacks a couple of important details: That you should mold the character you are portraying into your personality and not your personality into the character you are portraying (sort of a Johnny Depp thing. That’s the reason he’s able to portray every role and look like he’s the character himself). I probably should also mention after I said all of that, I still believe that Kristen Stewart has potential if she submerges herself in making an effort to learn each and every character she plays. After all, it’s what makes her earn millions.

“Ow, papercut”, Kristen Stewart watches her finger drip blood but just looks at it, reactionless like it didn’t hurt at all. In tagalog: “Ang sakit ng kalingkingan ay dama ng buong katawan”. Google that up, will ya?

Since we are talking of character portrayals and I mentioned Johnny Depp’s acting appeal, in my opinion Robert Pattinson will someday be able to do what Mr. Depp had achieved – if he doesn’t let all the fame and fortune go into his head and keep on studying each role he plays in his movies. I said that not because of Twilight/New Moon alone or that in some point of my life I have found him utterly gorgeous but for the fact that he was able to play a gay role, an invalid, a musician geek, a loser guy and a wizard among his many movies. Plus, I believe that he still is the perfect Edward Cullen which means he looks pale – dead but still cute. Not to mention that he can still do that “I so want to drink your blood” gaze (I think I’ll go run now. The question is: will I run towards him or away?) eventhough his age lines were already showing in the movie, which shouldn’t have because Edward Cullen never grows old and in the first movie the wrinkles weren’t there at all.

Let’s talk about Taylor Lautner. I have to mention that this boy deserves a round of applause of what he had done. Both in his performance and the body mass he had put on himself so no one would ever have to doubt that he deserves to be Jacob Black (of course, Summit will pay him millions for that :), no disrespect intended). I have to say that I doubted him before. I thought that he wouldn’t be able to fit into the character of that wolf boy but he did it. It’s easy to gain thirty pounds but the hard part about it is to form them into muscles in a couple of weeks. Let’s not forget that he was only sixteen when that all happened (he’s seventeen now). Hold on, I just lost my train of thought. Oh right, I was supposed to say “nice ass Lautner”. Gosh, I feel so old.

All in all, most of it was in accordance from the book but I couldn’t help but think now that I am not so blinded by Edward Cullen’s charms anymore: Would I leave my father to be worried sick where I am, leave abruptly to rescue the love of my life who is literally as gorgeous as hell? I’m not sure since Edward was about to commit suicide. I don’t know if I missed the part where it was mentioned that Bella made a long distance call to her dad to tell him where she was but it was supposed to be like that.

Some said that it’s more of a guy movie time. I can’t totally say it’s true although my nephew Ralph was with us all three girls, not to mention that his sister Rachelle was squealing and twisting in her chair. I mean the love story is still there although towards the end there was some action but still it was totally a love story. Some guys will probably like it better than Twilight because of the werewolf and the face smashing part. I bet most guys just want to see Edward’s face get ripped off or just to see him in pain. One word guys: ENVY. (Insert me here laughing out loud).

Here are some notes about New Moon: It would break your heart even more when you’ve just gone through a break up yourself, even when you feel that it won’t affect you anymore, believe me it will. Edward left Bella, Bella uses Jacob like a comfort pillow then leaves him when Edward comes back. In the end, Jacob was the one at the losing end. I am not team Jacob, simply for the fact that Edward is wealthier but I felt Jacob’s hurt. In the end, the summary was that Bella used Jacob. She was selfish and it was right for her to feel guilty about everything. “Poor, poor, wolf boy”. I’m sorry Bella fans, but it’s true. I hope they make a Breaking Dawn movie so people who didn’t read the book (not me, I have read all four books.), will get to see that for every sacrifice, there is a greater reward. If it’s love you sow, it will be love you reap.

Seven out of ten stars for the New Moon movie. Rated PG-13.

~ by TM on November 24, 2009.

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