How old am I?

Just for the sake of posting another blog, I have decided to post this picture of mine. I don’t know why I like it so much. I also had it attached to one of my youtube videos (lemme pimp it: and the video is also on my Facebook, to where I am also addicted now.

Anyway, everything here on my blog is random so I can say whatever I want 🙂 – even updates on my life.
So tomorrow I plan to see New Moon (the movie) with my niece and sister. Sigh – Edward, sigh – Jacob, whom is too young for me (Taylor Lautner). Actually even Robert Pattinson is younger than me. But who cares, they’re both so popular now! Although I think Rob could use some sun and probably a bath too. Thus emerges the question: Since you’ve seen what I look like, how old/young do you think I am? Don’t say I look thirty five because I am so going to hunt you down. Kidding.

Okay, so here’s another “update” about me. I am so addicted to Corduroy right now. Not the fabric/pants silly! It’s an indie band from Canada. I think they’re originally from Toronto. As I was saying, so it’s “Corduroy”. The members are Darren Tarbat, Kevin White, (and I’m not sure about this one anymore because they keep on firing members) Matt Boudreau and the vocalist, Trevor Blumas. And yes, I believe I’m infatuated with him but silencio! That’s a secret, but not really since I’ve announced it here. No one ever reads my blog anyway. Blah, blah, blah.

Alright, since the topic is on Trevor Blumas, let’s talk about him. I first saw him in the movie Ice Princess (2005?) and for a time I thought he was cute and too young for me but I suddenly came across him when I was googling for old pictures from the movie. Then boom! It was right there! He is younger than me …. only by a year 🙂 Plus we have the same birthday [this is your chance to google him too so you can find out my birthday]. Star crossed fates huh, whatchathink? KIDDING! Then I saw the band on Youtube and man! He doesn’t even look the same anymore 😦 with the beard and the super skinny physique and always getting half naked at concerts and all. Then again, I’m a weird girl, I liked him even more even though I thought he looked like he could use a bath and his shaving razor was probably missing him already. What more can I say? The charm works on me. So there, I’m in….fatuated. I hope the infatuation will just go away because it isn’t healthy at all. I refuse to expound on that.

Oh, and btw, my Starbucks Saturday chat(s) with Joy is back again! I love you my cappuccino! Muahhhhhhh!

~ by TM on November 20, 2009.

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