Before you read this blog, I would like to ask for a couple of seconds of your time to bow your head for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

Last September 26, 2009, Saturday, Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines which battered mostly Rizal, Manila area and nearby provinces. It started as a weak typhoon and most people weren’t expecting the devastating calamity and aftermath it caused.

When it hit all I thought of as it happened was – “Boy, this is some downpour. I’m glad I’m in my room” and “too bad I can’t go out for my usual Saturday coffee with Joy at Starbucks” and when the electricity lines went off “Maybe I should have charged that laptop…it’s really boring in here.” (Take note that the phone lines and cellphone signals were also down). I wasn’t thinking about anything else. It never occurred to me that as I was thinking all of those things, houses were being blown off, people were suffering, business being destroyed and some people were actually dying. I felt so selfish after seeing the news the day after.

Me and my family were the lucky ones whose house only had an ankle foot of water and that our car didn’t literally swim in the flood. Thank God.

To the people who are reading this blog from outside the Philippines (another country) or some other part of the Philippines who cannot actually comprehend how grateful I am that my family is still whole and the house I have lived in for the twenty six years of my life is still standing, you should consider yourself lucky. I could not even begin to explain how the Typhoon was. A lot of houses, business, cars and most especially lives were lost that day. And a lot of new heroes discovered. Heroes – people who did the best they can even in the smallest way to save another. Some of those heroes also died in that Typhoon. Some of those heroes dove in that flood, swam, rescued people but never actually made it back themselves. To the families of those people, my heart goes out to you.

Some people lived to tell the fright of the story and just laugh it out later. Some lived and mourned because of it. My father said that day when he came back to the house after surveying the damage the storm had done, “In the seventy two years of my life, I have never seen a storm flood Bilibiran (our village/town) this way”. My friend Joy and I met up the following day and I witnessed how her back hurt from scooping water out of their house so much that she her whole body was actually shaking from it. She had to drink a pain reliever. She and her family belonged to the lucky ones too. My other friend Arbee’s business wasn’t that lucky to have survived the storm but I’m sure she’s thankful that its just the business and not her family who were damaged. I guess I should consider her lucky too.

And it wasn’t just the water itself that destroyed everything in sight, it was the mud too. I think that with the worsening storms coming one by one, Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. I hope it doesn’t get much worse.

On Sunday morning when the electricity lines were up again, I watched the news and I could not believe my own eyes. I remember thinking about the cars that looked like matchbox toys being carried away in the (milk chocolate colored) muddy water with people still in them. Even Ortigas extension which is a business district was flooded with chest high water. It had never happened before. Even the underpasses in Quiapo and Ayala avenue (can you believe it) in Makati were filled up to the brim with water. I could only imagine walking in the eye of the storm with nothing but a three fold umbrella and a sweater to protect me from it.

Although I wasn’t one of the people whom the volunteers and donors helped, I would like to give you the sincerest and warmest “Thank you”. You are all heroes who came out of your way to help those who needed it most. I believe in karma and I believe that someday there will be a way that all the good things you have given others will come back to you. Sometimes it takes a disaster for people like you to emerge.

To all the people who received most of the impact of Typhoon Ondoy, I give you my prayers. After every storm, a rainbow awaits.

God bless us all.

~ by TM on September 30, 2009.

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  1. kawawa naman sila

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