National Blog Posting Month!

I recently joined this Nablopmo group in The group has monthly tasks for members with different themes for different months and the month of July is the National Blog Posting Month (or something like that). So that means everyday, I’ll post something in my blog. Maybe it be nonsense or a matter of life and death- which will save the world type of blog. But I think more often than not, it’ll be nonsense. Ha! Ha! Just for the entire month of July though. Because I don’t know if I can keep up with the daily blogging.

Anyway so I’m still in this “too bored to function” mood of mine. I should be finishing up my third novel and starting on the fourth one but unfortunately I’m on a writer’s block and I hate it. I feel like all the ideas are drained out of me and I just want to put a straw on a gallon of coffee. I’m on the eight or ninth chapter I think— I’m even too lazy to check. I wish I could have another laptop so I don’t have to minimize my screen. Ugh! Lazy! Lazy! Lazy! I’m always either lying down on bed or munching on my *now favorite Fita Spreads tuna flavor— or both. I actually ate the whole pack for two days. I’m bloated!

~ by TM on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “National Blog Posting Month!”

  1. ok, in truths of truth, i wasn’t able to keep up with my one blog a day policy. i’m too lazy. sorry. i’m on my seventh novel. my first novel is posted at:

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