Revenge of the Fallen – watched it, loved it!

Last week my father surprised me by treating me to a Transformers movie. Yes, the Revenge of the Fallen! Must have been the sad puppy look on my face as I stared out of nowhere when my nephew and my sister watched it ahead of us and that I thought Leo would treat me to IMAX (that’s another story).

Anyway, all I can say is: IT IS AWESOME! Oh and that I’ve got a girl crush on Megan Fox! She’s is smokin’! – And a million other words besides that. So okay let’s just condense it so it’ll fit into my blog 

Nevermind that the cameras got my head spinning and the number of people who came to watch even if it’s the last full show had us searching endlessly for a seat (no reservations), it was all worth it! I mean the effects are awesome! (Come on! There’s no other word for it than awesome!—with an exclamation point) I have to say that as a non follower and non collector of the comic books (are there) and action figures, I found it really—here we go again—and say it with me—AWESOME!

Before I forget though, I mentioned Leo in the beginning, the name of my boyfriend. I didn’t realize that Leo is the name of the third person (second guy) in the original transformers cartoon? He’s the major comic relief in the movie and I found him actually cute because Shia La-er,-bouf?, isn’t exactly my type. No offense. But for some weird reason I liked Leo better than him. Probably because Leo is the name of my boyfriend in real life (how many times have I mentioned that already?) I don’t know.

So the finality? — It’s not the type of movie that you just watch because you have nothing to do on a Wednesday night or can’t find anything else to watch. It’s the type that you should really watch. I mean your plan should revolve around it. It is—(I’m going to say this for the very last time, hopefully) AWESOME!

And that Megan Fox is hot  I’m not a lesbian. Duh! (Leo-the boyfriend remember?)

~ by TM on July 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Revenge of the Fallen – watched it, loved it!”

  1. im not even a girl and i have a girl crush on Megan…whoooo!

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