Jacko’s Death – Truth or Conspiracy?

Jacko is dead?

Jacko is dead?

So I’m not really the most hardworking blogger you know (in fact I’m the opposite: I’m sooo tamad!). Anyway, I just finished watching QTUBE at QTV channel 11(Philippines) where they discussed something about Michael Jackson. Is it true that on the day Michael died and TMZ announced it via the internet there was a pause on all Michael Jackson sites for almost one hour? I mean because of all the fans who logged on, that it just “hanged”?
Well, I must say that being born in the 1980’s and having teenage brother and sisters at that time, I was practically raised by Madonna, Cindy Lauper and Michael Jackson in the background. Although I’m not sure if the 1980’s were really the boom of their careers. Me and my siblings danced to the tune of Thriller, Smooth Criminal…the list goes on. We even have the major hits compilation DVDs (of course only bought recently last year).
Anyway on Qtube, Andy (with a Y) mentioned SOMETHING LIKE: If Michael Jackson was big when he was alive, he is colossal dead! Ha-ha! Then I had an epiphany, yes I do call it that. What if Michael Jackson really isn’t dead? That this is just a big show or PR purposes, a sham or whatever. I can’t put my finger to the actual word I would like to use for it but let’s just say it’s a conspiracy to make Michael even bigger. Come on! Maybe it’s something just like Elvis Presley? Okay, maybe not like Elvis. But man! The sales of all his merchandize just sky rocketed since the announcement of his death. I tunes, DVDs, CDs, Michael dolls, costumes- name it, as long as it has something to do with MJ, its considered sold!
The Michael Jackson fever isn’t over yet, it’s still going uphill. What do you think? So will his manager, or whoever announce on international television on of these days that it’s all a joke. Michael just wanted to have some time off (as if the last few years weren’t enough) and he’s back! Ta da! On with the Europe concert! Jokes on all of us.

-Just a thought though, I’m not claiming what I wrote is really real but think about it! 🙂

~ by TM on July 2, 2009.

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