My Twilight

I’ve been super addicted to the Twilight series. You ask how can I tell and say everybody says the same thing. –I’ve read the 4 books over and over again, can’t stand a day without thinking about it, have watched the movie Twilight over and over, I’ve lost count of it and probably know the lines better than the actors and the Lullaby from Edwards piano (from the movie) is my calming music and play it in my mp3 whenever I’m stressed which is most of the time, that’s aside from the entire soundtrack I’ve also managed to download. I know it’s dense and I just want the feeling to go away but it doesn’t want to.

How can someone nearly so perfect not exist? I guess the reason why most girls I know have fallen in love with a fictional character named (*sigh) Edward Cullen is because nobody is quite like him, especially nowadays. He can be ruthless and so protective at the same time. The personality and a face to die for, yet certain darkness behind it. All of a sudden everybody wants to be a vampire! I think I’m going to be sick.


Before I even knew the story of Twilight, I’ve been fascinated with vampires and werewolves, witches and other mythical creatures that tend to be immortal. Luckily my boyfriend is too (yes I have a boyfriend and no he’s name is not Edward Cullen, though I wouldn’t mind). He has a collection of the Anne Rice novels and vampire and werewolf movies but I’m the one who’s starting on Twilight. Well my boyfriend is sort of like Edward, I know girls would hate me just saying that (they’d say, “How dare you compare Edward to anybody! He’s a god!”). He’s protective and he takes care of me, would be ready to take a bullet for me and all that stuff. Well I would have to admit that he’s no way in league of Edward Cullen looking like a Greek god (unlike in most stories where vampires look hideous) because he’s human and Edward is immortal. And he’s always away for work, unlike Edward who cannot bring the thought of being away from Bella. When we were in college, I remember asking him what’s up with all these vampire books, what will they do if they’re immortal that’s boring. Would you want to be immortal? He answered yes and he said, only if you’re there. Now are you seeing my point why I’m saying why he’s like Edward Cullen?


Still, immortality is not real, vampires are not real, only cults. Edward Cullen is not real. I remind myself over and over again but it’s just so dreadful that somebody like him could never exist.


“It will be as if I’d never existed”, he promised me.-New Moon

~ by TM on January 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Twilight”

  1. You’re right!- How could someone nearly so perfect not exist?

  2. I love you Edward!

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