It’s sad how some old (purported) friends have forgotten about me. I was nobody, I still am, well at the least I can proudly say though they have exiled me from the group(correction, chose to exile myself) I was in before, I am prettier than them by 300 percent! Mwahahaha! – Yes this is just something to make me feel better! Huhuhuhu… I mean Mwahahaha(still)!


How can they forget the person they played mean jokes on as freshmen college students? And take note, they called me their friend. They’re the reason I shifted my major. I made a choice not to be bullied anymore by my so called friends. It was that one last sick joke they made on me that made me think “that’s the end of the string for me!”


The joke was about me being dead, naked, floating on a river with the writing on my back with my own blood saying, “Matuto kang magsalita” (or something like that). Translated as- Know how to speak/talk. Just because I was quiet and didn’t know what to say most of the time. I didn’t know how to make friends then, or rather I didn’t know how to choose who my real friends were.


I don’t regret shifting to another major and moving to another building. When I transferred, I became a college beauty queen, discovered that I need not to look far to find one of my best friends (who was a former dorm mate of mine who also shifted to the same course as mine) and met the love of my life. I learned to live and celebrate life when I made that choice. The only thing I regret was not telling them what they did to my character as a person, my morality and my spirit as a human being. I already had low self esteem at that time and they pushed me farther down.


But I guess what they did to me happened for a reason, I learned. I learned that not everything that glitters is gold. I learned that not every body can be trusted…and so much more. People started telling me positive traits that I never really knew was there all along. Because what’s seen outside of me is how I truly feel inside. Beautiful.


After seven years my “false” friends are still together. I just hope that their friendship is genuine. I pray that along with age they have gained wisdom and the sensibility towards others.


~ by TM on May 7, 2008.

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