Marriage-Divorce…I’m cofused!

I’m frustrated. How can someone cheat on someone he loves then decide to marry her? –And how can she say yes in an instant knowing he cheated on her? Can that be considered love or just unreasonable foolishness? She knows he has children with different women (DIFFERENT WOMEN-plural form!) already yet chose forever with him or at least when they finally decide to get legally separated.

I’m sorry, I’ll probably never understand because it has never happened to me (or in any case when that fateful day comes-I’m hoping never), or probably because I use my head  before I consider putting my heart to work. My opinion is that the brain and the heart are arranged in that manner for a reason. The brain being the higher organ.

I’ve been heartbroken a couple of times, having different impacts in my life which has changed my opinion in loving someone.

I never did agree with divorce that is why I feel two people should really get to know each other (big time!) before they truly decide to tie the knot. Well there are a few exceptions of course. But irreconcilable differences? –Hello! When you chose to love or marry a person that means accepting everything together with that person’s flaws. (Now I’m just contradicting my first statement aren’t I? I’m more confused than ever!)

I thought I knew enough of this “love thing”, now this confusion of mine only proves that nobody can ever say what love really means, feel or be defined for another person.

~ by TM on April 12, 2008.

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