Oprah Episode

I was watching a rerun of Oprah earlier. The episode was about rescuing child laborers in Ghanda. Every time there’s an episode like that in the Oprah show it makes me want to email Oprah(through her website of course), to challenge her to help Filipino children. Actually, not just the children but Filipinos in general who are going through the same situation. I’m a Filipino; I live in a third world country and everyday things like what I saw in Oprah today pop out of the news. I wish I have the resources just like what Oprah has; there are so many people I want to help but sadly cannot because I have so little means. I don’t have enough for myself let alone a whole community of child laborers. L😦 (022608)       

…More to come for JUMPER and AWAKE’s movie review (all by “papa” Hayden Christensen)!


~ by TM on March 1, 2008.

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