Coffee, coffee, coffee… I can’t go about my day without having a warm cup of joe, at least once a day. I would love to have my own coffee shop someday (thus explains my liking for the Korean t.v. series “Coffee Prince”). I even have the menu planned out and I already have a name for the shop! The THERMOS, but I’m not so enthusiastic for the name anymore. It sounds cheesy for me now. People of all ages would be coming to my coffee shop.
Coffee drinking literally runs through my veins. My mom’s father was a very heavy coffee drinker and I would never forget how my parents go on and on telling me how my dad’s father demands for a hot cup of coffee all the time. Children in my family lug cups of coffee instead of glasses of milk. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was four years old (seems like everything turned out fine for me!) that’s why I don’t easily get amused with people bragging they’re addicted to coffee at Starbucks ( I apologize for mentioning the brand, I have nothing against it. In fact I also love the coffee there and enjoy every sip!), where all they would be drinking are frappucinos.
When I was still a freshman in college, I normally depleted almost all my allowance money on the first day of the week so all that would be left by the weekend would be just enough for a trip to my parents house and one meal. But I did not buy food with that, I spent it instead with “vending machine” coffee. Black coffee over and over again (yes, without the sugar and cream!)!
It’s probably the same reason why I was thrilled for landing a call center job (well I’m not there anymore). Call center people in a day would normally consume cups and cups of coffee to keep them awake 24/7. That’s why coffee is free flowing in most call center offices. While my officemates consumed coffee to prevent them snoozing while talking to a customer, I drank coffee for the love of it.
My mom owns a small patch of land in the province where mangoes, guavas, coconuts and all sorts of tropical fruits grow including coffee beans. One time she went there and harvested a couple of coffee beans which we eventually brewed. The process was actually grueling; we had to dry it under the sun for a time and had to roast the beans. Well my father was actually the one who did all that, so I kind of forgot exactly how it was done. Point is, even though we weren’t used to producing our own coffee from the actual coffee beans and it may not have tasted that good when we made it yet still we enjoyed every drop because we, my family sooo love coffee!

By the way we also love, love, love our electric coffee maker which of course lessens the hard work of brewing coffee. I guess it will forever remind my family how hard the process was before the actual beans turn into the aromatic brew. All the more why we (I) love coffee.

~ by TM on January 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “MY PASSION FOR COFFEE”

  1. Well, nice to see someone who’s as passionate with coffee as me. I can also relate with you regarding the growing coffee plants since we also have a small farm in our province. I remember the days where we spent the whole day picking up coffee beans, putting them in a basket on the horse’s back them laying them in the road to dry them up. Those were the days!

    • Wow Joven didn’t know you were a haciendero? Just kidding! Seriously though, I love coffee and I mean real coffee, not the “frap” or “blended” ones heheh. Unfortunately the doctor limited my coffee intake to 2. Apparently it’s not “daw” good for my health. Sigh, who knew? Btw, thanks for reading my blog even the old ones. Will post more soon 🙂

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