I have a habit of “once in a while” raiding my closet then trying on what clothes still fit me. The first ones I tried on were old swimsuits I don’t usually wear. I found it somewhat amusing that most still look good on me (or so I think) even though I’ve developed fat in some places where people don’t usually see. That may sound sort of gross to you…
Then I found the dress I wore to my college graduation day which Leo gave me. It still fits me well as if college was just yesterday, except I’ve developed a tummy. Well, curves come with age! Haha! Right now, I’m thinking of an occasion where I can wear it, I just have to make a few adjustments so it can look up to date (Oh yes… I am not ashamed of wearing my old clothes since it still looks good on me). If, when and where I’ll be wearing it?-I’ll keep you posted on my multiply site: (I’m not sure thought if it’ll be posted for everyone to see, sorry)

I just love it!

~ by TM on January 22, 2008.

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