It’s another all-nighter for me. Thanks to coffee prince! – A Korean t.v. series which is kind of ironic because I’m trying to watch it on the net. I super love the concept of the story. A girl pretending to be a 24 year old man. It’s actually sort of stupid not to notice that the “pretender” is actually a girl but what the heck! I feel bitten by the love bug whenever I watch it! Let’s just hope I can endure the choppy connection of my internet and I don’t get too much addicted to it and won’t be able to sleep anymore. I’ve got a business to run! I should be up and about by 8 a.m. tomorrow. By the way, it’s 1:50 a.m. on my wall clock right now. That’s Philippine time.
As I was saying or rather typing/writing…whatever! I’m watching coffee prince (Yes! While doing this! I’m waiting for it to load. Thanks by the way to John for hooking me up with the link!), and in this episode wherein the [other] guy, let’s call him Arthur – pulls out Andie (the girl pretending to be a guy), from his/her (don’t know what to call Andie! Okay-her!), from work and tells her “I can’t concentrate with my work, you’re distraction, I need to hug you” (well sort of like that, I’m just reading the caption. I don’t actually understand Korean), well anyway, so they engage in a romantic embrace then some Korean sad song starts to play on the background. The thing is, Arthur did that without knowing that Andie is in fact a girl. So does that make Arthur gay? Unknowingly falling for Andie who is in reality a girl. I’ll tell you more of the story later on. I plan to buy the dvd version of it so I can watch it faster rather than just waiting for it to load which takes forever!
If you’d like to watch COFFEE PRINCE on the net, here’s the link:
I can’t guarantee that you’ll actually like it but if you’ve got nothing else to do relatively than just count sheep to sleep you might as well just watch it.

~ by TM on January 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “COFFEE PRINCE”

  1. oh how i love this korean tv series…i also bought a dvd copy of this thus explain my two days “eye bags”, wehehehehhe…It’s so cool and for a hopeless romantic like me, it sure thus perks me until morning…Love the story, love the character…love it, love it

  2. I like this korean tv series…I love the story of the girls who was thought she was a guy by the man that will become his love interest…What a funny love story…love it…

  3. hi.. you’re right! I’m a coffee prince addict too! i love it

  4. wow comments! people actually read my blog:)

  5. coffee prince rules!!!!!!! this series is a very refreshing one. having such a cool cast. i like the story, the actors and everything on this series. i wish there will be part two of this.

  6. coffee prince completes my day!! very good one!

  7. i love it. i love the characters & the story.

  8. graveh ang ganda tlga ng coffee prince..
    kaya lang guyz pansin niuh ba this week mejo nagbago yata ang boses ni Andy,,iba ung boses nia ngaun sa boses niah nung una…pero anyways..da best pa dn…
    labyu papa arthur!!!!!!!love u Andy and Labyu Errol..hhahahaha

  9. Thanks for all the comments!I’m actually watching it again…this very moment! a very complicated love story..sigh!…
    Good news! there are actually rumors of a part two…without the lead guy, because he’ll be serving in the army (*rumors again)! Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the 2nd part of the Coffee Prince series!

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