ABOUT A GIRL…a fictional one!

“Excerpts from the story I’m TRYING to write and finish!”

I came back to an empty home. It was empty in the sense that I only felt alone. I have maids. In fact two of them, but how I wish my family was with me. What can I tell them? I can’t order them to come back home. They have their own lives to live.
At times like this, I always tell myself, “Happiness and contentment is only a state of mind which can never co-exist with perfectionism”. Don’t search for a perfect life for there is none; be happy with what you have. But how can I?
By drowning myself with liquor somehow I feel numb at times for having these feelings.
The other day, I just found out that my boyfriend impregnated her model ex-girlfriend. I thought he would love me through the thickest and thinnest moments of life. I’m not sure of that anymore. It all happened when we had just cooled off the relationship. We got back together a couple of months back but he didn’t tell me what had happened between him and his ex (girlfriend). I found out thru the news, some showbiz gossip. Shortly after having had watch the said program, he called me and told me he had just found out two days before she (his ex-girlfriend) went out. He should have told me right before it went out. Knowing about it thru other people, let alone thru a late afternoon showbiz gossip t.v. program was devastating.
“That’s what you get out of having a hunk of a boyfriend, a celebrity”, I told myself as a consolation as I downed another glass of vodka. Right after my hospitalization I was drinking again. I know I’m not an alcoholic. At the time I just didn’t know with whom I can share my solitude with. I wanted to call my friends but I know they have problems of their own. Sometimes, I feel they’re not even my friends. Or is it just me feeling sorry for myself? Then there’s my best friend. For sure he will contemplate my problems with me. But I broke his heart and replaced him with my celebrity boyfriend who has now impregnated his model ex girlfriend. Yes I have a very complicated life!

“Help! I want to finish this! Hopefully I don’t loose my drive.”

~ by TM on January 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “ABOUT A GIRL…a fictional one!”

  1. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on how the next “scene” should be

  2. Ha! Finished this one already. It’s an e book now! Plus I’ve changed the concept as well:)

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