Beowulf movie review

Here goes another review…

Last November 23, Friday at Galleria, I watched the epic movie BEOWULF with my Leo. I won’t say that I’m super into the story because of the undetermined ending but I would definitely say that the graphics rock! Plus the antagonist’s body is sooo hot! Hey I’m not lesbi but Angelina’s body is to die for. You should watch it if you’re a big fan of 3D animation because in my opinion Beowulf is more than 3D, the characters are alive (I wonder how it is with IMAX? I should have waited!). It’s the little details that make every character spring to life, even the tiny veins and facial hair…and whether or not you’re into Angelina, you would still be amazed with how she moves and what she looks like. We’ll it’s not actually her, I bet the 3D character even looks better (no offense to Angelina fans- it is 3D and everything is enhanced)!
It’s a bit gruesome for the kiddos though, and the antagonist’s body is almost naked!-No not almost, she is naked with little specs of gold! As in!
Wait is this review about Angelina or Beowulf? Oh well, probably because I don’t fancy men with lots of facial hair…but that’s what makes every character in the 3D movie alive and unique, each one has a different facial feature which has been given detailed attention of the animators.
The synopsis? A must watch for people who admires 3D, Angelina and impossible fight scenes.
I’ll give it 4 stars out of 5.Ü

He’s name is BEOWULF [Bewulf]! Rus! Rus! (What?!-oops that’s from 300…ha!ha!)

~ by TM on January 15, 2008.

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